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Friday, June 23, 2017

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Capitol Hill Forum Rips Middle East Policy

"Three of the eight authors of the “Clean Break” document became key policy makers to the Bush-Cheney Gang. Leading that pack was the super hawkish Richard Perle, a current member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. He also sits on the board of the “Jerusalem Post” newspaper, which is owned by the scandal-tainted Conrad Black, a media mogul."


A Chary Truce

"Amid a ray of optimism—for a zestful peace n’ amity in South Asia—guns were put to silence along the Line of Control (LoC), the Working Boundary and the Line of Actual Contact in Siachen sector—Tuesday night—as a follow-up of Pakistan’s unilateral overture for truce—which for the first time has contracted a jovial n’ atypical feedback from India."


Protecting the bubble of Democracy

"Bush and his allies are neither promoting democracy nor freedom. Otherwise, why would Iraqi’s be willing to sacrifice their lives?"


Shopping for Democracy?

"We can try to shop with love in our hearts, but as long as our governing policies are driven by racial supremacy and disrespect for most of humanity, we’ll never spend enough to blot out reality, even for just a single holiday."


Pendulum Swings on Civil Liberties

"...the American public wants civil liberties to be protected, wants the United States to remain open and welcoming to Arab visitors, students and immigrants and law enforcement is eager to build positive ties with the Arab American community."


Correcting Electoral Anomalies

"For Pakistan, it is of critical importance that we get our electoral process right, not only for democratic norms but to terminate the divisive state that our society is in."


The Murder of Democracy - November 22, 1963

"Pray for those who are suffering worldwide. Pray for those brave enough to be on the front lines. Pray to free your mind and your soul will follow."


Muslim Legacy In India :: Do Muslims Deserve The Hatred Of Hindus? ::

"Hope for a better and peaceful future for all those who live in the sub-continent does not lie in the rise of a charismatic leader who would lead all communities to utopia. The era of heroes is past."


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