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Monday, July 24, 2017

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Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières Challenges US Darfur Genocide Claim

"Washington's ploy must be seen for what it is. That the United States Administration has sought to use claims of "genocide" in Darfur for crass and electoral political reasons is clear. In crying wolf on "genocide" the Bush Administration has not only undoubtedly banalised the concept of genocide, it has enflamed an already fraught situation in Darfur."


The Darfur Crisis: Looking Beyond the Propaganda

"It is essential to cut away the propaganda that is already clouding the Darfur issue. The issue is far too important to leave to extremists, propagandists, flawed analysis and those who wish to see continued conflict in Sudan."


"One man, one vote - and then what will we do?"!

"It is not the Palestinians who refuse to make peace. Far from it. In 1948 Count Bernadotte formatted a partition agreement which was accepted by the Palestinian leaders and rejected by the state of Israel – Israel then murdered Count Bernadotte for his efforts."


The 'Village Voice', Prejudice and Hypocrisy: Nat Hentoff on Sudan

"It has come as a surprise, therefore, that 'Village Voice', a well-known and established progressive New York newspaper has seen fit to repeatedly publish articles fuelling both anti-Arab and anti-Islamic prejudice."


The Racism Barrier: Answering William Safire

"Mr. Safire can continue with his paper columns, Mr. Sharon with his tank columns and Israel with its barriers, bullets, bombs, and bulldozers: it will not matter in the end. Every injustice, every atrocity, has and will only continue to sharpen and strengthen the indomitable Palestinian will to resist against all odds."


Christian Solidarity Worldwide on Sudan: Proved Wrong Again

"Sudan has been at war, off and on, since 1955. The Sudanese conflict has been marked by a vicious propaganda war."


Response to Hitchens' Weasel Words

"Christopher Hitchens betrays a similar need to denigrate a book from which he has obviously learned a great deal, though his comments suggest that he has understood it imperfectly."


Freedom House on Sudan: Shrill, Contentious and Unreliable

"Sudan has been at war, off and on, since 1955. The war has been fought between the Sudanese government and rebels in southern Sudan. Since 1983 the war in the south has been largely conducted by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) led by John Garang."


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