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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Who will lead the United States, Israel, Egypt or Vietnam?

"...guns are only one of America’s weapons; the others are freedom, independence, and women."


Anger, Sadness, Patience and Determination

"When I came home from three weeks abroad, I went to sleep. I slept a lot for the first few days. One month later, I am still tired. I am tired of the Occupation of Palestine."


Unilateral redeployment, Likud style

"Indeed, Palestinians could react with an escalated terror campaign in Israel and abroad, and/or by dissolving the Palestinian Authority and appealing to the world to "rescue" them. The conflict would get uglier, and conceivably draw in Israel's neighbors as well."


The Geneva Storm

"Rightists and hardliners on both sides of the conflict's divide may have condemned this Geneva group, but the impact they have made in the U.S. can't be so easily dismissed. Their contribution will be felt on many levels and will grow in the months to come."


A new opening

"Israel is plagued by two very powerful symbols in its battle to recoup its image. These are the separation wall, which we Palestinians pointedly call the "apartheid wall", and the some 187 military checkpoints marking the Palestinian landscape in an immense diagram of the humiliation and suffering that touches all aspects of Palestinian life. Israel has yet to find a means of explaining these tools of possession and control to the world."


Talking Out of Both Sides of their Mouths

"Does it ever dawn on Palestinian leaders that they might have an easier time winning the hearts and trust of their own people if they would just be upfront about what they plan to do instead of making empty promises they do not intend to keep?"


Geneva cannot be Oslo

"...the Israeli Labour Party has to come up with something of its own to demonstrate, firstly, that it is no longer in Sharon's pocket and, secondly, that it has a better alternative to the Geneva Accord."


US encirclement presents Islamic Iran with new security challenges

"Together with Bush, Blair is discreetly setting the agenda for future confrontation by bringing Iran into the world’s spotlight. The technique used for this is similar to the one used against Iraq."


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