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Monday, July 24, 2017

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Protesters Rally for Human Rights in York, PA

"About 50 stouthearted protesters rallied at the York County, PA prison and also at a distribution plant owned by the Caterpillar Corporation."


That Event like Pearl Harbor Helped American Dream Come True

"The documentary is an eye-opener for those who were brainwashed by the US government and the news-media during the 9/11 incidents."


Pakistan's Win-Win India Policy

"Vajpayee knows without Paksiatn there can be no resolution of the Kashmir dispute."


A Question of Image

"The government must soon take the initiative to confront our adverse image problem, we must get something done and soon! Most importantly, we have to separate the internal requirements from the external image factor."


Iraqi Food Security in Hands of Occupying Powers

"After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the UN Security Council's imposition of comprehensive economic sanctions upon Iraq, the former Iraqi government assembled a food ration database, which was later expanded under the UN's so-called Oil for Food program."


The Equality Myth

"If we consider the need for love, affection, acceptance, and other types of social, psychological and even spiritual needs, it is easy to recognize our common needs. Yet, when it comes to the issue of justice, which is the primary objective of law, the issue of equality becomes more abstract, and the meaning of the word takes on some new, but subtle characteristics that are desirable not due to sameness, but do to our differences."


Writings on the wall

"...the graffiti is not there for aesthetics primarily. “The walls have become a daily notice board for us,” says Saad Hassan from the Shati’ Refugee Camp in Gaza. “It saves you the bother of reading the newspapers or leaflets being distributed here and there.”


"Geneva Accords" Endows Spurious Legitmacy to A "Bantustan" Palestine

"It is no coincidence that the choice of Switzerland as the venue for signing the accords, is the same country which was the birthplace of the first international Zionist conference over a hundred years ago that launched the idea of establishing a homeland for Jews on the land of Palestine."


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