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Monday, July 24, 2017

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Incident in Lisbon

"For Sharon, his American connection is the jewel in his crown, more important than anything else."


Spoiling for a fight

"It is clear that neither party to the conflict has the interests of the Iraqi people at heart. The US invaded and occupied Iraq to satisfy strategic calculations to do with the security of Israel and the free flow of cheap oil."


A Countdown to the 60's

"Humans are probably the only beings who are certain that they will eventually die. But this reality does not seem to bother most of them a great deal."


Courting trouble to buy votes

"What lies behind Washington's declared intentions, then, is less a desire to placate Iraq than to domesticate the conflict set in motion by the invasion and subsequent occupation. The US administration is seeking to transform the conflict into an Iraqi-Iraqi war in which Washington will support one of the two sides."


Pakies vs Porkies

"Islamophobia has been part of western culture since the Crusades, with Saddam and Osama only the latest in a long line of Arab bogymen."


Internet outflanks zionists' Maginot Line

"In New York, Hassidic Jews openly equate Zionism with Nazism, and consider the state of Israel to be a blasphemy. Are these people anti-Semitic?"


Bravo Mr. President: "Bring her on" :: Bush beats Clinton in Race to Baghdad ::

"What is amazing today is that although many of us debate what went wrong in Iraq, very few people in the political arena advocate a precipitous withdrawal. Bush's trip, and his remarks, ensure that the 2004 election will be about Iraq."


New Purported Bush Tape Raises Fear of New Attacks (Satire)

Disassociated Press
November 28, 2003


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