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Friday, June 23, 2017

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Israel Defies The World Yet Again

"So, Mr. Putin, what will it be? The challenge has been issued by Israel and very publicly. How do you, the Security Council and the United Nations, plan to respond to that open challenge?"


Million-Dollar Lawsuit launched against St. Catharines Standard

"...labeling anyone who disagrees with the policies of Ariel Sharon and the Israeli government as anti-Semites and holocaust deniers is the worst form of censorship."


Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

"An article questioning the demonisation of the detainees and analysing their actual "crime". The conclusion is that rather than being treated like animals, these people should be honoured for upholding so called western values of defence of the weak and the oppressed. The author also wonders whether it is wise to treat your enemy so badly knowing thatr in war, your own POWs are very vulnerable."


The Doomsday Machine

"Suppose a Democrat wins the next election - miracles do sometimes happen - the new President would face exactly the same choices. Bush's rash act has effectively bound the hands of any successor."


Can America escape the Iraqi quagmire?

"As long as Bush refuses to confront reality, matters in Iraq are likely to continue deteriorating."


Muslims, Americans and Thanksgiving

"President Bush has stated "Islam is not the enemy" and I believe him, although his subordinates often act exactly the opposite way, as though every Muslim is an enemy."


Israel - An apartheid state?

"The scents of apartheid are growing stronger with the Israelis building a fence between themselves and the Palestinians on the West Bank."


The U.S. is not there to leave

"...the US and its allies will keep on extending their civilising missions for the Muslim lands irrespective of the survival of Bush and Blair regimes."


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