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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Muhammad and Islam - a rejoinder

"If someone is sincere in his search for Islam and/or Muhammad (S), there are many good books that are already available to shed enough light on the subject."


Anti-Zionist Stirrings in America's Hinterlands

"Paul Craig Roberts, a Populist pundit, was even more explicit than Ralph Peters on why some Israeli Firsters wanted the U.S. to invade Iraq, and than to also attack Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. On Sept. 3, 2003, Roberts assailed the Neocons, like the arch Zionist William Kristol. He wrote, "These folks hide behind super patriotism, but their real motive is to make the Middle East safe for Israel." (Creators Syndicate, Inc.)"


The Political Capital of 9/11

"After September 11, while many thousands of people grieved the sudden loss of their loved ones, a steady downpour of politically driven sentimentality kept blurring the U.S. media's window on the world. Politicians in high office, from President Bush on down, rushed to identify themselves with the dead and their relatives. Cataclysmic individual losses were swiftly expropriated for mass dissemination."


In the Shadow of 9/11: Hate of Culture, or Culture of Hate

"There is nothing extraordinary about these cultural hate-love relationships. People hate those who oppress, exploit, and terrorize them. It does not matter what ethnic group, religion, nationality, or political movement the oppressors belong to, or how much they may be the same as, or different from, their victims."


The 1948 Arab Invasion of Israel Deconstructed

"Israeli novelist David Grossman's article, "Guests Can Be Shown the Door," in the New York Times Magazine " looked at the discrimination Palestinians face as a minority in Israel (December 13, 1992, p. 40). In it Grossman also repeated one of the half-truths about the birth of Israel that has sustained Zionists in Israel and in the West since 1948. An examination of some of the circumstances surrounding the Arab invasion of Israel in May 1948 reveals how accounts such as Grossman's continue to distort history."


Two Years After 9/11: Bridging the Divide

"Out of the trauma that occurred in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, there came the recognition of a profound gap that divided America and the Arab World. Despite good faith efforts by some to bridge the divide, two years later it is clear that this gap has widened and misunderstanding and distrust have grown."


9/11 - A day of reassessment for US

"How much US foreign policy-makers had been expected more to see prior to the 9/11 attacks before they could realise to review and reassess their policies to avoid any big bang like what happened on September 11, 2001? The other countries in the world learnt from such incidents, threats, and incidents yet US hasn't, Why?"


A lifetime credo

"The scenario was carried out precisely as Eric planned. Four marksmen were put into position at night and shot and killed two out of four women making their way to the village well. The Jordanian artillery opened fire on the Israeli villages in the vicinity and the Israeli artillery retaliated. The incident drew to a close with the intervention of UN observers in charge of monitoring the ceasefire. Later, when explaining the incident to his superiors, "Eric" expounded on the difference between shooting targets from a stationary position and taking aim at them while in motion during combat."


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