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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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What's missing in 'How to Talk about Israel'

'The Jewish Problem', Ian Buruma wrote, 'pops up in the strangest places.' It was an interesting start to Buruma's New York Times Magazine article, published on August 31, titled, "How to Talk About Israel".


The Thunder Jet

"As an icon of matchless friendship-elevated, towering, sky-scraping n' virtually loftier than the mighty Himalayan peaks n' summits-Pakistan and China have-eventually-set of the chivalrous n' charismatic JF-17 Thunder lightweight, all weather, multi-role aircraft with a toning presentation of F-16 fighter plane."


A Byzantine Analogy

"Lasting for over a millennium, the Byzantine Empire was Europe's longest continuously existing political entity, however, memories of Byzantium remain largely absent from western historical consciousness. This is unfortunate, as Byzantium's startling longevity cannot fail to be of interest to students of international politics. Although the Byzantine political economy was significantly different from the market based economies of today, social and political forces operate in much the same manner regardless of time and place, so the lessons of the past still have relevance today. This essay analyses the decline of Byzantium at its root cause as an analogy for the decline of the American Empire."


Of Assassination and Dialogue

"While a bunch of Israeli and Palestinian women were hugging and kissing outside Tulkarm today, the Israeli government dropped three 250 kg (550 lb) bombs on an apartment building in Gaza, trying (unsuccessfully) to kill the ten Hamas leaders meeting inside. "We were only trying to send them a message," said the news commentator on Israeli TV tonight. "We were trying to kill them," corrected the anchor, "but screwed up."


Betrayal at Camp David

"It was the first day of the Israeli-Egyptian peace negotiations, after Anwar Sadat's visit to Jerusalem. They took place at Mina House, a hotel rich in history near the Pyramids."


Ache for Foe's Movies!

"With cipher of sanity, cable operators-in Pakistan-have eventually set-aside their atypical 'style of protest' by resuming their routine packages for the viewers of miscellaneous television channels."


The Perfumed Prince and other Political Tales

"The Perfumed Prince declared himself a Democrat. Many Americans may not recognize the nickname bestowed upon Wesley Clarke by British colleagues as he strutted around Serbia with his set of platinum-plated general's stars carefully repositioned each day to a freshly-starched and ironed camouflage cap, wafting a thick vapor trail of cologne. His lack of judgment demonstrated in Serbia - including an order to clear out Russian forces that British general, Sir Michael Jackson, had to ignore for fear of starting World War III - should be enough to utterly disqualify him as a candidate for President. But this is America, land of opportunity."


Iraqi guerrilla war was planned before the invasion

"From that time on, Saddam's strategy was to gain time in the hope that international developments would blunt Washington's aims. Simultaneously, he reorganized his military. Eight months before receiving the German intelligence evaluation on the certainty of war, Saddam issued a circular to senior Baath Party officials instructing them to be prepared for a US attack "at any moment." The July 2002 circular warned: "Iraq will be defeated militarily due to the imbalance in forces." The balance would be re-established by "dragging the US military into Iraqi cities, villages and the desert and resorting to resistance tactics."


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