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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Silent Patriotism is not an option

"Within less than four months of September 11, 2001, the federal government managed to draft, refine, and approve one of the most oppressive laws of any modern democracy -- Bill C-36. Against an unmistakable background of American pressure, it was rushed through, without consulting the Supreme Court, and without a free vote in the House of Commons."


The Right of Return of the Palestinian People

"The right of a person to return to his home in his native country traditionally has been included among an individual's fundamental rights. In cases where persons had been forced to leave their country because of force majeure, such as war, the right of return could not be questioned. In our times a noteworthy case in this dimension is that of the Palestinian people, forced to flee their ancestral land by reason of military and political action and then to find the right of return denied them on political and legal grounds."


Pakistan "Recognizes" Israel

"In June 2003, Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's self-appointed President and strongman, was summoned to Washington. He returned with two errands from President George Bush. Pakistan must recognize Israel and dispatch its troops to police America's illegal occupation of Iraq. There was money in it for Pakistani rulers: three billion dollars over the next five years."


Assasination in Najaf - Who done it ?

"Every action has a motivation; one can safely assume this axiom applicable to any rational human being. As in every crime primary question posed are, who is the culprit, and why (motivation)? If the identity of the culprit is known, one then proceeds to identify the motive -- otherwise the various motive are established first, which is then used to explore the identity of the possible culprits."


The Quagmire of Denouncing a "Quagmire"

"Quagmire" is a word made famous during the Vietnam War. The current conflict in Iraq comes out of a very different history, but there are some chilling parallels. One of them has scarcely been mentioned: These days, the editorial positions of major U.S. newspapers have an echo like a dirge."


A Pro Al-Qaeda Syrian Policy?

"Undeterred by the flap over its discredited reasons for invading Iraq, in midsummer, the Bush administration leveled false and misleading charges against Syria, heightening tensions and cutting off vital information relating to Al Qaeda. While hosting Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on his ranch in Crawford Texas, on July 21, 2003, President George W. Bush accused Syria and Iran of continuing to "harbor and assist terrorists," acts he called "completely unacceptable...."


Hawks to India

With its traditional antagonistic mind-set, the BJP-led Vajpayee Cabinet has--eventually--given a 'go-ahead' signal to buy 66 Hawks from Britain, a deal costing multi-million dollars which India opts to spend on fanatic collection of arsenal instead of incurring the same money for the welfare of its famished people--living far below the poverty line.


"Iraqi Mass Graves In Perspective"

"In the past few months the graves of thousands of civilians have been unearthed in war-torn Iraq. Not surprisingly, the White House has wasted no time in declaring the dead to be prime examples of Saddam Hussein's brutality and a further justification for our invasion."


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