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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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'Out of the Bag'

"Keeping his 'archetypal' skipping style of oratory-with an antagonistic mindset-intact, the Indian Prime Minister AB Vajpayee-in his address to the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi-said on the eve of his country's national day that 'India's efforts to resolve outstanding issues with Pakistan should not be seen as a sign of weakness'."


Strategic change in US foreign policy

"A recent "blueprint for post-war US policy" in the Middle east, issued by the Washington Institute for Near East policy, states that: "If we do not invest in helping Iraqis rebuild Iraq, then the legacy of our incomplete mission in that country will impede all our other Middle East endeavours for many years to come." The 'Institute' does not need to be introduced, as well as the writers of the document (such as Dennis Ross or Matthew Levitt), or its signatories (Lawrence Eagleburger, Newt Gingrich, Alexander Haig, William Perry, R. James Woolsey, etc.)..."


Is Violence America's Religion?

"The country that never quite got around to fixing South Central LA has said it will rebuild Iraq and bring democracy to the Middle East. Much of the evidence suggests such promises are nothing but a pack of lies."


Tragic Contradictions in the Death of Darryl Dent

"Two headlines, appearing next to each other on the front page of the August 28th edition of the Washington Post prompted me to write this article. In just eleven words they spoke volumes about the contradictions that define the politics of my country and the challenges we are facing as a nation."


Three pieces of advice

"The deterioration in Palestinian-Israeli relations that has put us back into the vicious circle of violence and ended the implementation of the first phase of the roadmap has also once again focused attention on the American role in this conflict. Most Palestinian politicians and analysts, and some on the Israeli side, have blamed the United States (although not only the United States) for the recent collapse. What magnified American responsibility for the failure to implement the roadmap was US insistence that it take sole responsibility for the monitoring role that is a crucial component of the roadmap plan."


Mbeki: Face to face with Hamas?

"As the much-vaunted "road map" lies in shreds, it becomes increasingly clear
that the American government does not possess the will to enforce United
Nations (UN) obligations on Israel."


New American priorities

"The United States is failing in its mission to implement the roadmap and the Bush vision of June 24, 2002, and to establish a viable Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel."


Blocking "The Passion" Film Could Backfire

Hollywood's stereotyping of African-Americans, Arabs, and Islam, too, has an even longer and uglier history (See for the details on its degrading portrayal of Arabs, Jack Shaheen's groundbreaking "Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People"). But, here's the question: Where were the "Tolerance Brigade" from the Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA, and Abe Foxman, when all of those Christian, African-American and Arab bashing flicks were being put out by Hollywood? Huh!


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