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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Islam and the struggle within

"It has become axiomatic in the West to associate Islam with violent political movements whose principal expression is the act of a suicide bomber. What is often ignored by westerners, however, is that a struggle is being waged in the Muslim world over the role Islam is to play in politics and that the Muslim world is far from monolithic on this issue."


The religious dimension

"The moral visions that are at the heart of the Abrahamic religions appear overwhelmingly and ironically tarnished, especially when looking through a Middle Eastern perspective. Religions seem to be more a vehicle of exclusion, isolation, hostility and violence than what they claim to be--paths to justice, peace and reconciliation."


Israel's apartheid wall: A prison for Palestinians

"In a recent article for the International Herald Tribune, Jonathan Cook, a freelance journalist living in Israel, describes a humorous e-mail circulating on the Internet that explains the "law of diminishing territorial returns" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."


The Road Map - To Permanent Israeli Colonization of Palestine

"It seems that the Road Map was DOA, dead on arrival, because Israel all along had no intention of removing itself from the Palestinian lands. During all this period Israel has continued to bomb and kill Palestinian children and women and old men. Naturally, the Palestinians are going after the Israelis in mini-retaliation; the war never stopped and there is no hope to convince the Israelis that they should move back, taking back their forces and settlements with them. The solution of the problem is in the hands of Muslim Americans. Muslim Americans have a duty to educate the American people, reaching out to every home and educating them about Islam, Muslims and Palestine and bring them closer to Muslims. When the American people are educated, they will put pressure on politicians to resolve the problem equitably or at least stop supporting Israel with money and armaments."


The Devil and Georgie Bush :: The Real Story behind a Possible Second Term :: (Satire)

"....One of Author's best satires, first published in February 2002 - might be timely in view of a fair amount of talk about the next American election..."


We agree to Thomas Freedman's suggestion to send American and International troops to Palestine

"Many months ago (around the beginning of 2003), the famous American writer and journalist suggested that the United States send troops to fill in for the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank, the Gaza strip, and on Palestine's borders with Egypt, Jordan and Israel."


The Rest of the Story

"Mary, God has chosen thee, and purified thee. He has chosen thee above all women. ....Mary, God gives thee good tidings from Him whose name is Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary. High honored shall he be, in this world and the next, stationed near to God. He shall speak to men in the cradle and of old age, and righteous shall he be."


"First of All - the Wall must Fall!"

"This slogan was born spontaneously, opposite the Wall in Kalkiliya, at the place where it becomes a fence and turns east, penetrating deep into Palestinian territory. On the other side of the wall the Palestinians were demonstrating. We were looking for a short rhyme to broadcast by megaphone. A common effort brought forth the seven words that carry the whole message."


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