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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Separating Church, State & Synagogue

"In fact, Judge Moore is wrong about the Ten Commandments being the source of our judicial system. They are a part of American history, but they aren't the source of our law."


Hold these Truths

"There is something eerie about being middle aged, or older in America today. If you are 50, or near, or around, or past 50, you have likely witnessed some of the greatest legal, and ideological challenges to freedom and liberty never thought possible in this country, and that alone makes you feel strange."


Dumbed Down U.S. Media Never Thinks for Itself

"When watching the corporate-dominated media in America, any intelligent observer suffers inevitable anguish and disgust. All major media are essentially the same in terms of personnel, format, even timing of subject matter in each broadcast. Whether male or female, white, black, or of some other ethic ancestry, media broadcasters are virtual clones of one another. Personnel are well-dressed and impeccably groomed, handsome in appearance..."


Who are the "foreign terrorists"?

"The recent deployment of the term of "foreign terrorists" with regards to the Iraqi resistance movement by the illegal "occupying forces" is perplexing. Those fighters who have come from other Arab / Muslim countries have close ties with the people of Iraq by a common language, religion, culture and history, none of which the occupying forces share."


A Bridge too Far :: Iraq and the longevity of the American Empire ::

In his epic analysis of the Vietnam War, "Anatomy of a War", Gabriel Kolko observed that "the history of the postwar era is essentially one of the monumental American attempts - and failures - to weave together... a global order [suitable to its own needs, against the] vast autonomous social forces and destabilizing dynamics [existing] throughout the world to confound its ambitions...."


An Unbalanced Middle East Policy

"The Bush administration is stepping up its demand that Palestinian leaders dismantle West Bank and Gaza terror structures. This demand comes in the wake of a devastating bomb attack in Jerusalem last week that killed 20 Israelis, including 5 children. According to a senior U.S. official, fresh emphasis will be put on calls to uproot the terror infrastructure."


Dreams and delusions

"During the last days of July, Representative Tom Delay (Republican) of Texas, the House majority leader described routinely as one of the three or four most powerful men in Washington, delivered himself of his opinions regarding the roadmap and the future of peace in the Middle East. What he had to say was meant as an announcement for a trip he subsequently took to Israel and several Arab countries where, it is reported, he articulated the same message."


The Ten Commandments

"And remember we gave Moses the scripture and the criterion between right and wrong; there was a chance for you to be guided aright. And remember Moses said to his people, " Oh my people you have indeed wronged yourselves by your worship of the calf" - (Holy Qur'an 2:54-55)


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