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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Down at the Car Wash

"Yesterday as I went about my chores, I realized that my car was filthy from my moving, and I was too darn tired to clean it myself (I usually do, an old habit from Brooklyn) so I stopped off at a "gasless" car wash. They had NO gas, but were still washing cars. We are in the middle of gas "crisis?" here in Phoenix."


India's Tone n' Tenor

A typical style of hypocrisy "depicting the antagonistic mindset of the Indian warlords" vis-à-vis Pakistan is coming out to the world at a swift pace. It looks that New Delhi is toothed to get it stripped "before the comity of nations" once again with a newest memo of perils to peace in the volatile n' edgy scenario of the South Asian region.


Recall Congress!

"On Aug. 16, 2003, Rep. Bill Janklow (R-SD), ran a stop sign with his Cadillac sedan and collided with a motorcycle, killing its driver. A preliminary investigation indicates that Janklow was exceeding the speed limit. Janklow's apparent indifference to the state's traffic laws, and also to human life itself, is a metaphor for the state of the Congress. It, too, is out of control. Perhaps, we should recall Congress!"


The Day the lights went out in the most powerful part of the world

"Huge power failure hits Canada and US. Outages affect area with about 50 million people. Power failure in the most powerful country of the world. Transportation snarled traffic lights went out; trains stopped on tracks. The worst power failure in US history millions of people stranded in darkness, stifling heat and traffic. The power outrage began shortly after 4 p.m. EDT and moved west."


Libya and Iraq: Contrasting Ways of Conflict Resolution

"It all occurred within 48 hours; definite movement towards a US-Libya
détente and the extreme downturn on the Iraqi security situation. While the
tragedy has to be condemned is there something else , something more
fundamental that the deteriorating Iraq situation signals ? Have there been
contrasting ways in which the US has dealt with the Libyan and the Iraqi
situation; essentially the Qaddafi and the Saddam factors?"


If Famous Journalists Became Honest Rappers

The "Bulworth" movie -- with Warren Beatty playing a senator who begins to speak disturbing truths in the form of rap lyrics -- caused quite a stir when it came out five years ago. At the time, I wondered aloud in a column about what might happen if leading journalists followed that fictional example.


The Coming Crisis :: Blackouts, Energy Policy and the New War ::

"The largest power blackout in US history hit 50 million people in the northeast of the United States and southern Canada, from New York City to Cleveland, Detroit and Toronto. Whole states and cities were shut down and paralyzed."


Where does reform stand in Palestinian Authority ministries?

"Americans, Israelis and Palestinians before them have talked, and are still talking, about the necessity to take procedural steps that would implement reforms in the fields of administration, performance and transparency in Palestinian National Authority institutions. Such steps would constitute a prelude to building healthy, sound and reliable State institutions."


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