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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Iran's Upcoming Elections Up for Grabs

"The forthcoming parliamentary elections, in short, are up for grabs. Plenty of evidence indicates that Iranians are frustrated with the inability of the reform movement to overcome conservative stonewalling; indeed, this is a major reason why voter participation plummeted in 2003."


Close regional ties and contrasting loyalties

"Trade between the two countries increased from about $200 million in 1992 to nearly $1 billion in 1999."


Anti-Semitism & Zionism

"When my father went to Police headquarters to give notice of our departure, as required by law, the police officer exclaimed: “But Mr. Ostermann, what has entered your head? After all, you are a German like me!”


Rich Lowry's Lesson in Junk History

"Today, if Rich Lowry stood in Coalition-devastated Iraq, at the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, he would be at a source that once “watered Sumeria and Akkad, and nourished the Hanging Gardens of Babylon” (Will Durant’s “Story of Civilization”). The peoples of this ancient land, once known as Mesopotamia, (part of which is holy also to Christianity), prepared the first codes of law, under the magnificent Hammurabi."


The Fear Americans NEED is Fear of U.S. Government Totalitarianism

"...terrorism at its basic root is a struggle for world resources between the world-wide multinational corporate elite and those who are harmed by the concentration of wealth and power by the corporate elite."


Muslim-Christian Relations: A New Chapter, Made in Canada

"The Antichrist character in the New Testament Book of Revelation was often identified with the Prophet Muhammad. Similarly, Islam, as the collective Other, was read as a manifestation of demonic darkness and barbaric ignorance. This led to more stereotyping, in which Muslims came to represent the embodiment of evil on earth."


The Indo-Israel military relationship and its impact on the Arab world

"Tracing the roots of Indo-Israel military relations, one notes that they began decades ago as invisible cooperation in the fields of security and defense. In the sixties, these relations reached the point of several reciprocal secret visits and mutual military aid during their respective armed conflicts."


Colombia - From Invincibility To Panic

"Colombia is one of the few countries that preserved its democracy during the decades of dictatorship in Latin America, and it is famous for its jurists. The authoritarian elements that are starting to show in this war (including a failed attempt to redraw the Constitution and pave the way for the President’s reelection) have scared ordinary Colombians, as resolute as they are in fighting terrorists. And they have now spoken in defense of their civil liberties."


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