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(Saturday, October 17, 2009)


Media Monitors Network (MMN) remains NOT-FOR-PROFIT (Non-Tax Exempt). However, we do need to secure the financial future of MMN. Please, rest assured that all the revenue generated from Advertising will be used to cover the cost of MMN and its services outlined and explained in MMN FAQs.


We offer Commercial and Charitable Banner Advertising

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Commercial Banner Advertising

Terms & Conditions

These rates are for paid advertising. Paid advertising is not a link exchange program. Therefore, your banner will NOT be seen only for 30 seconds once a day or so. Your audience will see your banner very frequently, rotating randomly only with other paid advertisers. In fact your audience is guaranteed to see your advertisement several times a day.

We do NOT track hits to your site and do NOT charge per impression seen. Our flat advertising rate allows your banner to be seen as many times as rotation schedule allows. If you would like you can purchase more than one advertising rotation per banner to allow for further exposure.

Please note Media Monitors Network (MMN) may opt to change prices without prior notice, depending on demand and web-site hits. Any prepaid advertisement will continue at the rates which were in effect at the time the advertising order was taken. Any renewals or new subscriptions will be billed at the current rates. Your advertisement rotation will expire unless renewed at least ten business days before the expiration of your current advertisement.

For further information and banner approval please contact us at info @ (with the subject line of "Advertising @ MMN") or call 1-866-MediaNet

Charitable Banner Advertising

FREE to approved banners only!!! Please contact us for more information at info @ (with the subject line of "Charitable Advertising @ MMN")


Media Monitors Network (MMN) is not responsible for any misconduct of any charitable organization. All the information will be published in good faith to serve the humanity.


Media Monitors Network (MMN) reserves the right to refuse to advertise any banner. We will not allow advertising for pornography and the like.


Advertise @ MMN